Multiple Teams · Pride. Honor. Proud.

Devastation. Aguish. Heartbreak.

These were the feelings yesterday as the clocked hit zero. The boy’s varsity basketball team lost 48-41 in the State Semi-Final to Harvest Prep Academy. This loss was all too familiar, as the girl’s varsity basketball lost in the regional championship game back on March 9.


Devastation. Aguish. Heartbreak. These were only the initial feelings.

Pride. Honor. Proud. These were the culminating, true feelings of Cavalier Nation. The girl’s basketball team had the most successful season in school history with second-year head coach Jamar Mosley. Combined with the boy’s team they won two District Championships, a Regional Runner-Up, a Regional Championship, GCL Coach of the year, District 16 Coach of the year, GCL and District Player of the Year, and had four All-Ohio selections. The boy’s basketball team delivered their fourth district title in five years, and their first regional championship since 2000, all while helping Coach Kerr earn his 200th career victory as a head coach.


These kids delivered one of the most memorable seasons The Castle has seen. Yet, this is not the most amazing thing that they’ve done. These bold student-athletes brought the entire Cavalier community together. The Cavalier faithful have been checking in all over the world from Denmark to China, and over the U.S.


The run in the boy’s and girl’s basketball tournaments have made the students, faculty and staff, alumni, and faithful fans full of pride and proud to wear the crimson, the blue, and the gold.


Win or lose, …


“Let us sing the praises of the bold Cavaliers.

Let the hills and dales re-echo our cheers.

As we march down the field let our voices cheer,

Let the whole world know that we’re all Cavaliers.

For like those of old we will fight side by side

And our bravery will soon be told

For we will not be beat,

And we’ll Fight! Fight! Fight!

For the Crimson, the Blue, and the Gold.


Onward Cavaliers,

Defeat the foe,

Your bravery show,

One to victory.

Let everyone among you Fight!”